Starburst Choker

Starburst Choker

By Farheen Ali

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Wonderfully unique pieces of wearable art. Farheen Ali creates whimsical statement jewelry.

Recycled/found objects, crystal, copper and stainless steel wire.

Dimensions: 5 x 6.25"

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Farheen Ali

Farheen Ali is a Toronto-based illustrator and jewellery artist. A medical illustrator by profession, Farheen has always been intrigued by organic forms and colours that exist in nature. Her training in landscape watercolour and Japanese sumi-e painting has further inspired her to pay careful attention to and to capture natural shapes in her artwork. So imagine her excitement when six years ago she started experimenting with wire wrapped jewelry and discovered that she could now create organic shapes and forms not just on a flat surface but in 3D as well. Instead of her paints, she was now able to work with a palette of unique beads and found objects to create wearable pieces of art.


“The Spring Moon” was a name given to her Farheen by her Japanese Sumi-e instructor after a 5 year-long apprenticeship. At the end of her training he carved this name into a seal and gave it to her as a gift. By giving this name to her company, it is her hope that all who wear her art forms will become a part of her ongoing creative journey, weaving their own unique stories into each piece they wear.

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