Hearts for Healthcare, 100% of proceeds are donated

By Kingston Glass Studio

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One heart = 12 PPE for local healthcare organizations

Friends of ours at "3D PPE Kingston”, via Queen's University, are ramping up production of PPE that is being distributed to local health care organizations, and we are raising funds in order to assist with the purchase of essential materials.


“The feeling that I was getting from people is that they wanted to help, but they just weren’t sure how,” said Liu. “This is a way for them to be able to do that with one hundred per cent of the funds going towards supplies.” Daisy Liu


Every glass heart purchased will be distributed straight to front line essential workers as a message of encouragement, love and support. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to the creation of locally made and distributed masks.

One heart = 12 PPE for local healthcare organizations
$25 Donation = 12 PPE 

For more information on the initiative and the amazing people working tirelessly to create what we need most right now please visit 3D PPE Kingston Website.


“It’s a really beautiful thing,” said Quintero. “Thank you doesn’t even begin to cut it. I have never experienced this kind of support and I’m overwhelmed with gratitude and pride for this community. We are all part of something truly special.” Cesia Quintero.



Who are we helping:
1) Proceeds from the heart will go to Queen’s University to help create 3D printed masks to be delivered to local front line health care workers here in Kingston.
2) The heart you buy will be distributed to a front-line worker in Kingston who needs some thanks for continuing to put themselves in harm’s way in order to keep the city safe.

How is this helping:
1) Each heart purchased will provide $25 towards the raw materials needed to create masks and shields. One heart will make roughly 14 masks, or 25 shields.
2) Every recipient of the hearts will know that someone is thinking of them and remind them that the Kingston community sends their love.

How can I help:
1) Go to our website at https://www.kingstonglassgallery.com/ and order a heart
2) Tell your friends
3) Visit our social media outlets and share our campaign with others.
How is the Heart distributued:
1) Kingston Glass Studio is distributing the hearts to local frontline workers on your behalf.  
2) We also offer curbside pick up if you would like to gift the heart to a frontline worker of your choice.

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