Tina Barnes

My art is a journey of discovery and expression. My medium of choice is fibre. 
I view each day with new eyes, seeing beauty in the ordinary. Forever looking to express through my art the wonderment of the simple things we so often overlook.

A fiber artist living in Kingston, Ontario, Tina Barnes’ work is in private collections across Canada and Europe. Fibers are her medium of choice, allowing for the best expression of color, texture and use of unusual objects. Tina’s work begins with an inspirational quote or word, often creating the title first and then the accompanying work of art.

Tina will create a piece of fabric by painting, dyeing, or layering. Found objects are often incorporated into the collage to further express the theme along with embroidery, beading, photo transfers and text. She prefers not to start with a concrete image but to allow the piece to evolve.

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