Rob Raeside

Line, separation and balance are strong inspirations for my work, be they social, geographic or what have you.

Rob Raeside is an emerging Canadian glass object maker. Subtlety, simplicity and a love of the making process are the driving forces in his work.  He has trained at Fleming College, Sheridan College, and worked in a number of other Canadian glass studios. Rob is constantly striving to improve his eye for design and his hand for glass.

Raeside aims to attach value to objects through careful craftsmanship and design. He believes the first impression to be the most impacting element.  Rob creates to help develop as a maker and an individual. While timid and reserved in his day-to-day life, the studio brings out the child in him; confident, curious, instinctive and unafraid. The molten glass seems to melt the inhibitions of the outside world and allow him to focus on the task at hand. There is no greater achievement than completing a task to the best of your ability, and Rob is constantly working to be more capable.

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