Paul Chester

My paintings are an emotional response to what I see in the natural landscape that surrounds my home and studio. Somewhat ethereal in nature, Images of landscapes and water are painted from memory mostly with oil as it lends itself to being scraped and scratched, cutting into the paint to reveal the colours beneath. These are my visual diaries celebrating the beauty and peace found in nature.

Inspired by the horizons, water scenes and rolling hills that surround his studio in Southeastern Ontario, the contemporary paintings of Paul Chester portray peaceful settings in the natural landscape: metaphors for the passage of time.

Far from urban centers, various subjects of natural beauty are painted from memory, resulting in suggested landscapes that invite the viewer to step into a spiritual realm where nature is experienced as an emotional reminiscence rather than a precise physical location. Celebrating his 27th year as a professional artist, Paul Chester was born in Toronto and lives in a rural area Northeast of Toronto.

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