Meghan Marshall

"To create my paintings, I start with a vibrant underpainting that usually ends up peeking through in the finished piece. I use impressionistic brush strokes focusing on mass and light to construct my paintings. I strive to capture and even to exaggerate the gesture and the character of the cow, tree or whatever it may be."

Meghan is drawn to capturing farm life, she loves connecting with animals and observing their movements and character. Her paintings style focuses on light, texture shape and character of her ever-changing surroundings. She is an artist, educator and chemical engineer. She is originally from Hamilton Ontario but has lived in Edmonton , Wolfe Island , Kingston and currently resides in Dorval.

The fusion of science and art has inspired Meghan to progress as an artist. By having both science an art in her life, it gives Meghan a better understanding of how pigments scatter light in different ways which translates in her work with different visual effects.


Drinking Disruption

$1,500.00 SOLD

Feeding Frenzy


Gentle Gesture

$1,500.00 SOLD

Sunny Spot


The Girls

$1,500.00 SOLD
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