Marney McDiarmid

Marney McDiarmid is a ceramic artist who lives and works in Kingston, Ontario. For more than a decade, she has created one-of-a-kind, slab-built pieces that are known for their grace, their whimsy and their unusual beauty.

She uses found materials and photographs to build pieces that tell stories and flirt with practicality. The vessels are phenomenally light and often translucent, encouraging the people who hold them to slow down and find pleasure in the small details of everyday life.

Marney has a passionate commitment to social justice issues, in particular the issue of HIV/AIDS. When not in her pottery studio, she likes to cook, canoe-trip and spend time with her family. 



$165.00 SOLD

Dish - Red


Footed Bowl

$175.00 SOLD

Map Vase

$125.00 SOLD

Rio II

$895.00 SOLD


$795.00 SOLD

Rio IV

$845.00 SOLD


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