Jim Lorriman

I have always felt that my job is to allow the wood to show its true beauty. If I have practiced my skill well enough, the “WOW” factor comes from the magnificence of the characteristics of the wood. I also have a fascination with old or historical wood. I recycle and fashion new pieces from wood that has been processed one or more times in its journey.

Jim was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and has made his home near Mansfield, Ontario. He is self-taught but both his father and grandfather worked wood in their spare time. Like them he started off in furniture and wooden boat building but left these traditional pursuits to become a full-time wood turner. Early in his career he came across a book by Dale Nish which described how to make a bowl from a board.

Intrigued, Jim tried this technique and has not looked back. He took Nish's basic idea and expanded the horizon almost exponentially. Lorriman uses this method to give new life to old wood. Dock cedar, fallen branches from the forest, stair railings, window frames, historical wood and so on - all have been given new life through Jim's careful nurturing.

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