Hilda Oomen

"I have spent years working in gardens as a means of support and, at times, as a substitute for painting. The borrowed landscape concept is particularly relevant to the work I am producing. The imagery and experience of the time I have spent in gardens unexpectedly found its way into the paintings."

Hilda has been painting for over 30 years.  Although Hilda's obsession with flowers occupies most of her painting time - it is the quality of strong light that brings this subject to life for her.

After graduating from art school, Hilda lived in Toronto for a time but it was the countryside she craved, and eventually she moved to a small village surrounded by vibrant fields. During that time she painted the flowers she grew as well as the landscape in the area.

When her daughter left for university, Hilda moved closer to her and her hometown. Now, she helps her mother with her huge vegetable plot and flower borders and they obsess over seeds, soil & rain.

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