Eduard Gurevich


Eduard was born in 1969 in Ukraine. In 1992, he immigrated to Canada and settled in Toronto where he lives with his wife and two children. Since 1993, Eduard runs a home-based art studio where he creates his own art as well as instructs aspiring artists of all ages. His educational background consists of a Degree of Arts from University of the city of Lvov, (Ukraine) and an Illustrator Diploma from Sheridan College, (Canada).

Discovering Canada’s great wealth of natural splendor has also stimulated Eduard’s interest in painting landscapes, which is currently becoming the most prominent theme in his work. Capturing his personal thoughts and feelings along with the beauty in front of his eyes is the most important aspect to him.

Many of Eduard’s clients mention that his work reminds them of stained glass. He often outline images in his work in thin dark lines. To him, it is one of the final steps in which he tries to elevate the energy of the entire piece. Outlined, the colors become brisk and vibrant, and the shapes gain a deeper personality.

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