Dog Bite Steel

My work often makes people laugh … I make a variety of creatures 
that can be installed in interaction with one another. You can play by putting a 6-foot alligator in
the bushes near a group of unsuspecting sheep. My work invites you to play. I want to create 
what makes people happy.

Jean Pierre Schoss works with the human form and images from nature. Created by recycling steel from oil tanks, farm implements or any suitable found steel, Jean Pierre cuts apart, heats and recreates the steel in order to orchestrate his ideas. Some pieces are forged and pounded into new forms. He also uses the scraps of steel that have fallen away from other works to build three-dimensional sculptures. The result is a multi-colored form with images hiding within it. It becomes the life of the old steel within the life of the first pieces, within the life of the new piece.

Jean Pierre’s sense of perspective, originality and technical execution result in a strong and unique expression. The work is primitive, balanced and often very humorous. The rugged, dented and painted oil tanks provide a character and freedom that is refreshing.

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