Diane Black

Diane’s appetite for all things arty has fed her from before the time she was able to hold a paintbrush. Nothing has felt more satisfying to her than being immersed in the creative process.

Her many years spent freelancing as a book illustrator, graphic designer and web designer allowed her the opportunity to become comfortable working in many different mediums. Computers became a mainstay of this industry and although this neat and magical tool had much appeal, it was never quite as engaging as having a paintbrush or pencil or lump of clay in hand.

So for the most recent chapters of her life Diane has gone back to making beautiful messes, winning several awards along the way for her work. 

Diane enjoys sharing her knowledge to classes of all ages. She sees teaching as a way to keep alive the wonder and sense of discovery that bubbles to the surface when one goes to the place where creativity lives. 

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