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Curae was formed by Robin Saunders and Grace Sylvester. Together in 2017 they launched their bathymetrically accurate lake art under the artist name Curae. Each map is lathe-cut into planks of wood and the imprint is then filled with epoxy resin.  The affect is like that of body of water with light blue in the shallows and dark blue in the depths of each lake.

With their 1800sqft studio in downtown Kingston, Curae is excited to continue growing in 2018, with a hopeful focus on larger format works. 

Robin Saunders

Born in Ottawa in 1992 and based out of Kingston, Ontario. It was a surprise for Robin to discover the calm and tranquil lifestyle of woodworking. 

Robin graduated St. Lawrence's marketing communications program in 2014 and has been spending the last 5 years focusing on learning and blending the worlds of woodworking, geographic information technology and CNC technology into pioneering this new form of art; accurate, topographic relief carvings from wood. 

Grace Sylvester

Born in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia in 1992, Grace grew up all over Eastern Canada with her military family. From an early age, Grace has always had a creative stride in her work.

A graduate of St. Lawrence College’s Graphic Design program in 2013, Grace quickly found a job at a web development company. However, after 3.5 years in an office environment, she determined she was not satisfied and left her full-time salary job to help with Curae where she could step away from the desk and start making things with her hands again. She now loves going to art shows and exhibits to talk to viewers and fellow makers.

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