Bonita Bell

I love finding new outlets and challenges for myself artistically. Every piece is different and every day is different and I love that.

Bonita Bell is a life long Kingston area native, and in every sense a truly local talent. Bonita studied art at both, Ontario College of Art in Toronto, and Queen's University in Kingston. She took several years off from her passion for art to raise a family, and enjoy a challenging career with the Federal Government.

After her retirement Bonita rediscovered the artist that was always there, lying dormant. Having once again embraced her love of art, 'Stained glass Mosaics by Bonita' is the result. Her works are as diverse as they are original, ranging in scope from her adaptations of renowned 'Group of Seven' artists, to custom pieces featuring family pets, homes, cottages, favourite flowers , the list is endless. Bonita collects antique window frames and other unique frames, that she uses to enhance and showcase her work.

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